No. The certificates are electronic and will not be physically mailed.

Once you have satisfied all requirements of the course, you will be prompted to complete the course through a 'Finish Course' button. Once this button has been clicked, your electronic certificate will be available to you for viewing and downloading. This electronic certificate can be accessed by clicking the 'Certificate' button.

Each course has a total of 5 quizzes which all contain 15 questions. Learners must achieve a cumulative grade of 90% to receive their certificate. As a result, out of a total of 75 marks, learners must score no less than 68 marks cumulatively.

Go to your profile. In the ‘General’ tab of your profile, ensure that your ‘Display Name’ has been changed to the full name that you wish to see on your certificate.

You will have access to your course for a total of 6 months upon your enrollment.

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