Are you ready to level up your Child Protection Skills?

ChildLine Learning offers a selection of child protection and wellbeing (CPWB) short courses. All courses are self-paced and supported by interactive learning materials based on culturally relevant content.

Enrolment is open to anyone 16 years or over and courses are offered completely online through an e-learning platform. Put together by experienced professionals, each course aims to provide real-life lessons and cases specific to CPWB in Trinidad and Tobago.

Whether you have a passion for helping children, or you want to enhance your resume, specialize in the field, or have an inquisitive mind, this programme is for you! You are free to enrol in as many courses as you like as each one offers a different perspective about CPWB in Trinidad and Tobago. And, once you’ve successfully completed a course you will be entitled to receive a certificate of completion.  

ChildLine Learning is perfect for

  • Students looking to specialize in the field of child protection and wellbeing studies

  • Persons already working in the field and would like to improve on their knowledgebase

  • Parents, guardians, and caregivers

  • Children and youth looking to meaningfully contribute to their future employability

  • Concerned members of the public interested in guiding and protecting children and young peoplele

Why join ChildLine Learning?

Fully online

Self paced

Certificate on successful completion

Pre-recorded lectures

Registration & payment

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Planned courses

Course title
Mental Health and Pyschosicial Wellbeing in Children and Adolescents
Laws and Legislation Governing Child Rights and Protection in T&T
Child Abuse and Neglect
Regional Child Protection Systems
Psychosocial First Aid
Issues Affecting Children and Young Adults
Building Resilience in Children
Contemporary Parenting
Understanding the Developmental Needs in Children and Adolescents
Children in Need of Supervision: Children in Conflict with the Law
Peer to Peer Counselling Support
Supporting Children with Special Needs
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